Apple Season at the Cheese Shop

strudel We wait and we wait and we wait. It seems that apple season in Minnesota can never come soon enough for us. Yes, it heralds the end of summer and the winter to come, but we prefer to look on the bright side of things. Minnesota apples are beautiful, bright, and delicious. Our apples are supplied exclusively by Brian Fredrickson of Ames Farm honey fame and they really are some of the more delicious apples we've encountered.

Our apple sandwich began in our first year of business. We wanted a seasonal special that would work well with the fine English cheddars we sell. It all started easily enough--we had no idea what kind of a beast we had unleashed. The apple sandwich is by far our most popular sandwich special and we constantly have customers asking us to make it year round. If you haven't tried this sandwich, this might be the time. Head to our Minneapolis cheese shop or our St Paul Meat shop to check it out.

And then there was apple strudel. We started making this two years ago and it's a treat that makes all of our mongers so happy. They're snacking on it constantly--it's a wonder we ever have any left to sell to customers. Each year we've made slight adjustments to the recipe but the one thing that remains constant is that we use Mengazzoli Organic Cider Vinegar in the glaze. This vinegar is magical and we're featuring it in our shops all month long. Please stop and ask for a sample, it will change your life (for the better).

Local apples are available deep into the winter but we tend to highlight them only through the fall. Beyond the sandwich and the strudel we'll have apples for sale at retail and popping up in a variety of ways throughout the autumn.