Being #1 on a List

This week the City Pages named our new Meat Shop's pastrami sandwich the best sandwich of 2015. Wow. 

Typically we're a modest kind of place. We've been named best this or that over the years and typically we let it pass without making much of it. Maybe it's false modesty or humble bragging, but really we typically feel great about what we do and are happy to simply keep delighting our loyal customers.

This one, however, is different. Our pastrami sandwich was a big deal to all of us here. Our butcher Scott masterminded the operation and was essentially trying to create something that existed in my east coast childhood. We've blogged about our process in the past so no need to revisit it here. 

If you haven't been to the Meat Shop yet maybe this is what you needed to convince you to do so. For me, I'll just keep trying not to eat one of these sandwiches every day.