Current Job Openings

 France 44 Cheese Shop: Cheesemonger (Minneapolis)

The France 44/St Paul Cheese Shops are searching for folks interested in food who are passionate about customer service. 
Maybe you're a restaurant server tired of late nights or you're itching to learn more about artisan cheese, house-made charcuterie, and incredible sandwiches.
Or maybe you just love people and you're ready to serve like you've never served before. Our employees are amazing. Are you the next cheese shop superstar?
Responsibilities include selling cheese(!), making sandwiches, stocking, packing, and cleaning. Our shops are fast-paced, incredibly fun, and great places to learn about food. If you're looking for a job with lots of standing around and down time this is not the right fit for you.

Please apply only if: 

You can make a minimum 1 year commitment
You can work days as well as evenings, weekends and holidays
You can stand on feet for long periods of time and lift 50 pounds
You are truly interested in learning more about delicious cheese
You like working with super fun, passionate people

Please don't apply if:

You are looking for a seasonal/short-term job.
You don't like cheese or delicious food
Hard work scares you
Your schedule isn't flexible

Please email a copy of your resume to us ( and tell us why you're going to be an incredible fit for our shops. Also please let us know which of our stores you are interested in working at.

Meatmonger (MInneapoliS)

France 44 Cheese & Meat is looking for friendly, professional folks who love to cook and love to eat, and who would be interested in a job that celebrates those two things. Experience is great but not necessary; an upbeat and committed attitude, however, is absolutely required.

We offer a work environment with very high standards but lots of support, and a firm commitment to a work place that is positive, upbeat, and happy.

Responsibilities include:
--Being an outstanding meat matchmaker for our customers
--Learning about beef, pork, lamb, chicken--anatomy, husbandry, basic butchering
--Understanding and speaking to the best methods of cooking a wide variety of meat cuts
--Making sandwiches
--Stocking shelves
--Swabbing the decks (we try to run a very, very clean shop)

The ideal candidate:
--Can make in-depth culinary knowledge come alive for our customers in a retail setting
--Can make a minimum 1 year commitment (there is a lot to learn in this job)
--Can work days as well as evenings, weekends and holidays
--Can stand on your feet for long periods of time and lift up to 30 pounds
--Is truly interested in learning more about amazing food
--Is a team player who gets along with cool people

Just so you know, this job is not:
--A meat cutting job. We do some cutting here but not a major amount.
--Only a customer service job. It is very hands-on.
--A standard retail position. Hospitality is huge here.
--Seasonal--we are really looking for folks who might stick around. We tend to promote internally.

If all of this sounds good to you, we would love to see your resume and a cover letter--please don't apply without either of those.

competitive hourly+tips, paid time off, 401k, health insurance, shift meal, at-cost employee discount

BAKER (MInneapoliS)

France 44 Cheese Shop is looking for an intermediate-level baker with well-rounded experience. Position can be part-time or full-time. 
Hours and start time are very flexible (though punctuality is a must). We offer a positive kitchen environment and plenty of learning opportunities.

-Production baking of cookies, brownies, pies, and various other desserts
-Potential to bake breads and other savory items if desired
-Quality control and management of all items produced
-Execution of newly developed recipes

Must have:
-Previous restaurant baking experience
-1 year minimum in restaurant industry
-Ability to commit to 1 year
-Positive attitude
-Excellent work ethic and self-motivation

We are a small, from scratch kitchen that does not take shortcuts. 

Please ONLY APPLY IF: you know you can show up on time for every shift, you will work passionately and with a smile, you can accept criticism and ask questions, and you are ready to help us make delicious and unique baked goods!

Please send a copy of your resume and tell us a little bit about why you're a great fit for our organization.