Sausages--Why we think ours are the best

It seems that some foods are taken for granted. We eat it but don't really think too much about it. When we first opened the cheese shop almost 8 years ago it seemed to me that cheese was one of those foods. Over time our customers have come to expect a different level of deliciousness from the cheeses we stock. 

Sausages are a food that I had not really given much consideration to. In fact my enjoyment was based on saltiness and seasoning but little else. Additionally (and maybe this is the non-midwesterner in me) I always found them troubling to cook. Inevitably they'd cook too fast and the casing would burst and all of the fat and juiciness would leach out. I always blamed my poor cooking technique on mealy, dry sausages. Turns out maybe I was only partially to blame.

Our sausage maker Peter truly does create something different from any other sausage/bratwurst I've eaten. I'm saying this objectively, not as someone trying to sell something. The process is a painstaking one that involves multiple steps of seasoning, freezing, grinding, mixing, and slow poaching (more on that later). All of this to achieve perfect texture to accompany great flavor.

There is a whole, long science explanation here which I'll spare you. What you, the sausage consumer, will notice is a bouncy texture that is juicy every single time. And because we've pre-cooked our sausages sous vide you will never have to worry about undercooking or overcooking your brat, italian, chicken sausage etc. Don't worry you can still crisp your sausage up in a pan or on a grill and feel like you're cooking, but the end result will be much much better this way. Trust us.

We invite you to come to the shop and taste the difference. We're pretty convinced that once you experience how sausages should be you'll never want to eat anything else.